How I cook without an oven – using only the grill and hob

Hey everyone! In today’s post I’m going to be telling you guys how I’ve been cooking for the last month or so without an oven, using only the hob and the grill. It’s only a quick post, as if I were to list off EVERYTHING I’ve been able to cook I would be here forever and we’d both get bored.


So a while back now I cleaned my oven, and I think the dirt was what was holding the thing together as after that the heating in the oven didn’t work. The fan and light would come on, but nothing would heat up no matter what I did. The grill and the hob still work fine, and as we were already planning on re-doing the kitchen we figured we might as well wait and change it out when we start planning the cupboards and counters.

So what have I been cooking now I don’t have an oven? The oven that was pretty much a daily thing, either to bake bread in or to cook pies, is now gone. I’m left with a grill and a hob though, and I’ve found I can cook pretty much anything in the grill that I would do in the oven.

We also don’t have a microwave. So that’s not an option. We do however have a bread maker now, so my want to bake bread is covered.

On The Hob

If you can stir it in a pan or pot, boil it, or stick it in a crock pot, then you can cook it on the hob. Pulled pork? Slow cooker or pot on the hob. Ready meals? Again, slow cooker or pot. Everything else you can pretty much boil in water or its own juices with a lid on, or fry it in a pan or wok.

In The Grill

I was doing fine until I came to craving a pizza. Where was I going to cook a pizza?! I didn’t want a takeaway, as it can cost us up to 10 times the amount of just buying one in the super-market. Then I had the super-duper idea of grilling it. And guess what? It worked, and I was a happy Bella sat on the sofa 10 minutes later with a movie and a pizza.

I’m not going to say you could bake a pie or cake – although I might try the theory – but you can certainly cook meats, melt things like cheese etc. , and warm up Quiche and whatnot.

Really, I’m actually debating whether I really need an oven. I see the benefits: things might not take as long, it gets hotter than the grill does, etc., but I can also say that I’ve only once wished we had an oven since it’s been on the blink and I fixed it pretty quickly by being inventive in how I cooked whatever it was. The only thing you can’t cook is a roast dinner, but as we’re cutting back on meats and diary that’s not something that bothers us too much.

I’m thinking of doing a recipe post – or a few – of things you can cook only in the grill or on the hob. Would you be interested? If so let me know so I can get down to it!

Thank you for dropping by, hope to see you soon!

Love, Bella x

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