Mini Primark Haul – January 2017

I’ve had such a busy week this week it’s been ridiculous! But it’s also been great because it was my birthday and I spent the weekend with my family😁

Anyway, on Sunday I made a mad dash into Primark and got a few bits so I thought I would show you guys. I’m really pleased and pleasantly surprised how much I like their candles too!


As they have become pretty much my favourite part of this haul, I can’t help but start with them. If you follow me on twitter you might have seen that I had a power cut on Thursday –  turned out the bread machine tripped the electrics and I didn’t have my contacts in so I didn’t even realize and sat in the dark until B got home from work –  but while that was going on I realized I only have two candles. I’m one of those people who lights the candles when the electrics go out so I definitely needed more than two!

I picked up some small candles from Primark,I decided to go small not for price but to test the smells. The pricing on all of their candles is really good, but I wasn’t sure if they would smell as good as they do when they were lit. As it turns out,  they do and I will be popping back to see if I can get larger versions of them and a few more scents!

These two are most probably my favorites. The Sea salt and Lavender one makes me think of a spa/ sea themed bathroom,  and as that’s the theme I’m going for in ours it now sits next to the little glass shells and fish on the side.

The White tea and Violet is to die for. It’s so so so nice and I will definitely be stocking up on a few! I have no idea how to describe the smell, but I certainly didn’t expect it to smell like it does from the description they give on the container. Both of these candles were £1 each.

Lastly in the candle aisle I picked up some tea lights, in the scent Raspberry &  Vanilla. Again,  I will be getting a larger version of these and stocking up! They were £1 also.

A few weeks ago – maybe even months now – someone on Instagram recommended Primarks Micellar Water to me. I saw it while I was in there, and for £2 I thought I should give it a try. Right next to it was the Foaming Face Wash, also £2. I decided to give it a go and test it out – so a  full review will be coming soon, but so far I can tell you I’m pleased with the results!

Last but not least I picked up a…I don’t even know. Face Polish Brush? The super soft sponge on one side helps to buff in your cream / moisturizer and polish your skin, and I use the bumpy side for a mini massage.


Sorry about the lighting in the photos, I had to use the windowsill in my bathroom to even get a decent amount of light! This weather isn’t helping me get my blogging mojo back at all! I hope Spring comes around soon.

So that’s it for this mini haul, I didn’t spend a lot as it was super busy and I couldn’t stand being in there too long. I swear someone was following us around the shop too. way too stressful for me!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my little haul and that maybe it’s given you an idea where to get your next candles from! What do you make sure you get every time you drop into Primark?

Bella x

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