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2-q02pah_400x400Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Bella & I’m the creator of The 3rd Apartment.

I’m a 20-something woman living in the British countryside with my long-term boyfriend, who I refer to as B, and our 8 ducks & 13 chickens.  I’ve never been much of a city-girl, but until now I’d never lived anywhere smaller than a village. Now I live in one of the two houses down a country lane. Makes quite a difference!

I have a huge place in my heart for American Country – be it the music, the fashion, the decor! – add that to living in the countryside, and I really should have been born in the South! I live my life in a camo jacket and a pair of wellies, too. I hope to put across my countrified side in this blog.

The 3rd Apartment is my little lifestyle blog. I blog about anything & everything that takes my fancy, but very rarely will you find a make-up or fashion related post. I have absolutely no knack for make-up or fashion whatsoever – remember the camo and wellies? Fashion isn’t high on my priorities list!

Some of my most popular posts include why we chose to start homesteading / small scale farming, my step by step tutorial on how to survive a zombie apocalypse – with a homesteading twist of course – and being a farmers wife.

I’ve also been nominated for the Liebster Award, not once, not twice, but THREE times! I couldn’t be more honored and, to be totally honest, shocked! There really are some lovely people out there ♥

Let’s be friends on Twitter & Instagram too! If you have a Pinterest account you can follow me on there too! 🙂

See you next time,

Bella x