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Hello and welcome! If you haven’t already, please read my Start Here page. You can also take a look at About The Author if you’d like!

The Third Apartment is my little place on the internet. I’ve changed the name a few times already – this is it’s third and final name! – but I never felt truly happy with it until now. Too many variants came up in google, and so I knew I wasn’t standing out as much as I could.

On this blog I share a lot of different topics, from farming and homesteading, to family life, homemaking, and a few personal posts in there too. I also have a thing for bullet journals & am on a journey to get fitter and healthier, which I also blog about on here.

I started blogging after moving in with my boyfriend and basically turning my life upside down – which actually made me a lot happier & helped my health no end! – you can read more about that here.

All these new things started happening, new experiences, new people, new family ties… and I felt I could do with some help! After not finding many people blogging about anything close to what was happening with me and my new life & family, I decided I would start my own blog.

I’ve made MANY mistakes, both in the blogging world and the farming world, but I’ve learnt from them. I’ve also made mistakes and come across new challenges with my family and personal life, but I’ve learnt from them too.

My main goal with The Third Apartment is to help others in similar situations like myself. Some things I can’t blog about for the moment, and you can read why here, but I still blog about what I can and hope it helps or inspires others too!

My secondary goal is to just have fun. I’m not a full time blogger – however much I’d like to be! – and it’s more of a hobby than a business. I don’t want to turn it into a job that I hate doing, I want to keep the fun and creativity in it and just enjoy myself.

I also realize that being a countryside/farming type blog, it makes no sense to have “apartment” in my blog name. My reasoning for it is, third time lucky, and “the third apartment” came back with nothing in a google search and had all the handles and accountnames open, so I snapped it up while I could!

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