Things That Help Me Feel Better When I’m Sick

Hey everyone! I’ve not been very well the past week or so, and after a trip to the doctors it’s been confirmed I have tonsillitis yet again. But, I’ve decided to take advantage a little bit and write up a short list of things that have made me feel a little better or have at least taken my mind off it for a little while.

These might not work for everyone, and as always if you are ill you should take the necessary medicines and visit you doctor instead of taking advice from the internet.

  • TV & Netflix – watching your favourite show, or descovering a new movie is one of the ways I have managed to pull through a few more hours. I’m currently in the middle of watching Glitter Force on Netflix Kids (please don’t ask! haha) and I’ve fallen into watching Love Island on the ITV Hub.
  • Youtube -Youtube will always be my friend, watching some of my favourite vloggers will always brighten my day!
  • Taking a nice hot shower – Depending on what you have having a hot shower might not be the best thing, but it’s definitely helped clear my nose with the steam. Being lovely and clean will definitely make you feel better, even if you just put on a new set of PJs after.
  • Blog – If you’re like me, sitting and doing “nothing” for too long can make you go crazy. This is where this post comes from really, the need to feel productive! If you don’t have a blog you can write in a journal, maybe even write up the ideas for that book you’ve always wanted to write?
  • Nap – Getting as much rest as possible will help loads. I have my dog Kobi as a cuddle buddy, but you certainly don’t need one to just lay in bed and sleep it off as much as possible.
  • Drink lots of water,juice, and hot chocolates – Make sure you get lots of Vitamins and keep hydrated. You should do this even when you aren’t ill, but let’s be honest not everyone drinks as much as they should every single day (I know I don’t!).
  • Eat healthy meals – This doesn’t mean you have to eat a salad, but you shouldn’t be eating McDonalds either. You body needs the goodness of unprocessed foods to help fight off whatever bacteria is making you ill.


What do you do when your ill? Can you nap all day or do you need to feel like you’ve done something that day, like me? Let me know down in the comments!

Thank you for dropping by!

Bella xo


UncommonGoods – My Favourite Place For Unique Gifts

Hey everyone! If you didn’t already know, I’m redecorating my house at the moment and have been absolutely obsessed with homewear and other bits, so when UncommonGoods asked me if I was interested in working with them I jumped at the chance!


I must have sat in front of my computer for hours looking through their site, and I found some great stuff! Apart from drooling over the home section, I found some great presents for men,some really unique anniversary presents, and some of the cutest baby gifts ever (especially if you have a baby shower to attend!). It just so happens that these are what I struggle most with , there’s only so many times you can give someone socks, and so I thought it’s be something you guys might be interested in too!

You know what’s even better? UncommonGoods’ mission. They are a company dedicated to having a positive and fair impact, and they don’t sell any products that have caused harm to any people or animals to make – meaning they’re completely cruelty free! I know a lot of people find this crucial when deciding where to buy from or what products to bring into their homes, and I’m so glad companies like UncommonGoods are taking notice and benefiting the planet.

Below are some of my favourite items I found, and there are so many more. There is most definitely something for everyone, so you’ll never be stuck looking for that one person who seems to have everything already.

Grow your own Salsa kit, Mens traveling kit, DIY Gnome Terrarium
Nesting Lotus Bowls, Personalized Chopping Board, Anchored in Love Paperweight
Sweet corn booties, Owl and star mobile, Mustache dummies
Rope knot doorstop, Recycled rope magazine stand,  Beeswax reusable sandwich wrap

If you would like to have a look for yourself, I’ve left links above or you can start from scratch here.

What do you think of UncommonGoods and their mission? Do you think you’ll be taking more notice of companies like this? Let me know down in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading,

Bella xo


Monthly Goals – June

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s June already! This year has gone by so fast, we’ll soon be singing Christmas songs again. I fell out of the habit of setting myself goals every month but I know I really do need them to keep myself on track, so I’m making it my goal to post a Monthly Goals once a month, and track my progress!

Monthly-goals-june-life-with-bella-n Continue reading

My First Time Selling At A Fair

Hey everyone! So in the beginning of April it was my first time ever selling at a fair, and it’s obvious to say I learnt a thing or two and now know more or less what to expect at my next one.

I really enjoyed it, and despite my anxiety it was a pretty stress free day! I thought it was going to be incredibly stressful and something that I wouldn’t want to ever do again, but instead I’m ready to book myself in for the Summer Fair at the same place!

So without further ado, here are some of the things I learnt from my first fair.

  • Get there early. I like to be early for things so I can situate myself and know what I’m doing and where I am, but I have to say being early for a fair or show is a must. Quite a few other stalls got there only an hour before opening time, and were still setting up their booth when people started to arrive.
  • Be friendly. I’m not a hugely sociable person, but I made sure to at least keep a smile on my face and to engage with customers when they came to my booth or commented on my work. Even just a “Good Morning” can make the difference between a sale or not. Also be friendly to your neighbouring booths, it’s nice to have a little chat when it gets slow!
  • Not everyone will be nice. I read this in one of the many articles I read about fairs and events, but I really didn’t think it would happen to me. I make rustic signs ( which you can find on IG at rusticus_domum ) and had a large “Bakery” sign out front. I had other promo signs stating what I was selling, but this particular one was quite large so it definitely got more attention. A lady made a beeline for my booth, which I thought was a good thing! When she arrived, she stopped dead in her tracks and said in a horrible tone “oh, I saw the bakery sign and thought you sold cake. I have to say it’s a big disappointment.” All I could say was sorry and laugh it off a little, but I couldn’t help feeling a little put out by the comment. She might have meant it nicely enough, but her tone really made me look at my items in another light and start wondering if they really are a disappointment.
  • For every bad comment, there are 50 good ones. Having said the above, I received a lot of nice comments about my signs. Loads of people asked if they were handmade, and some couldn’t believe they were done entirely free hand. I gave out a lot of leaflets that day, and I am so glad people genuinely enjoyed my work.
  • Give people a place to find you after the show. Not everyone will buy from you, whether that be because they don’t want to walk larger items back to the car or they don’t have the cash on them (I don’t use a card machine yet!). If they’re interested, it’s great to offer a business card or brochure with a website, etsy, social media handle, or a Facebook page. Who knows, you might just find your biggest fan!
  • Display and set up are important. I only signed up for the fair two weeks before the date, which meant I really didn’t have a lot of time or money to invest into my display, so it could have been a lot better than it was. Your display is what entices people from the other side of the fair, what catches their eye, so make sure you at least put some thought into it and make yourself stand out to your target customer!
  • Have cash with you for change. This is another mistake I made. I had about £15 in coins, and no notes. To be completely honest, I didn’t expect people to be paying for a £1 item with a £10 note. I had to refuse a sale, simply because I didn’t have the change to give. Thankfully a member of the group gave the customer a £1 coin and completely saved the day, but I’ll be making sure I’m not in that position again next time!
  • Remember to have fun! You might be there to sell your handmade items or earn a little extra money, but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself. I could have easily sucked myself into a  “I’ve not had anyone even look at my booth for over an hour this sucks” mindset, but I kept myself positive. I ended up really enjoying myself, and can’t wait for the next one.

So there you have it, some of the most important things I learnt at my first fair! If you have any tips or advice,  please leave me a comment down below, or link to you own post on the subject!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you next time,

B x